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BOT WAR - MANGALORE (April 29 & 30th)

Registration is FREE

- Event Entry Fee per person INR 1999/- only

Event includes: entry for a day at event resort,

Rain dance (free), swimming pool (free), indoor & outdoor games (free), music mania and food counters (paid)

50% off as Early bird entry for first 50 teams

- Minimum 2 & Maximum 6 in a Team


Winning Team gets INR 50000/- Cash Prize

Get featured on Television Shows & TV Interviews

Certificates, Trophy and much more

Winner-Gain Discount Coupons

Participate in the NATIONAL BOT FIGHT 


The Concept is inspired by the Battlebots which is a global phenomenon and developed by aspiring engineers and technology enthusiasts in India to bring the enjoyment of battle of bots built by extra-ordinary Indian young minds.


This event is planned to be recurring event where bot enthusiasts and builders are welcome to come with their indigenously built Bots that have their own different modes set under a pre-set rules of the game and notified size and width of the bots.  


Get Ready for the Game - BOT WARS

The next BOT-WAR HERO Trophy could be yours!


Competing on BOT WARS is an amazing experience.

The excitement of creating, constructing, and competing with your own combat robot is a unique experience. However, taking part in this activity requires courage and determination. This journey will not be a walk in the park. To succeed, you must be inventive and persistent, possessing the qualities of both an engineer and an artist in order to solve problems ingeniously.


But you can do it. Here is how:

  • Please review the following slide carefully and comprehend its contents!

  • Create a robot that has the ability to both physically attack and deceive its opponents.

  • Make sure that the robot has an appealing and visually attractive design.

  • Build a talented and diverse team with all of the necessary skills.

  • Submit an application to participate in the Bot Games.

  • Finally, construct a robot that is capable of winning battles.

It is important to understand that applicants are expected to create and submit a design of their robot for approval before building it. Building a robot can be risky, time-consuming, and expensive, so it's important to await for confirmation from the Bot Games Team and complete all necessary entry procedures before beginning construction.


If you choose to start building before receiving approval, you do so at your own risk. Please be aware that Bot Games and its affiliates have the right to accept or reject applications for any reason and without explanation.

Design applications must include

- technical details and drawings 

- photo-realistic renderings of the exterior of the robot design

- biographical information about team members, and

- a video explaining the expected features of the robot.

The Rules

Organizers & Judges decision is FINAL and BINDING!


A robot could lose a match in several ways during the knockout format of the show:

  • Immobilisation: A robot that is unable to move for 15 seconds is counted out.

  • Pit: One of the arena hazards is the pit of oblivion, a large pit around the arena. A robot that falls or is pushed into this is eliminated.

  • Removal from arena: If a robot is ejected from the arena – typically by the flipper or vertical flywheel of an opponent, it is eliminated. 

  • If none of the above conditions were satisfied, a panel of three judges score the competitors on style, control, damage and aggression.

The judges' decisions are based on the following categories:

  • Aggression: The extent to which the robot was on the 'front foot' against the opposing robot as opposed to staying out of trouble.

  • Damage: The amount of damage inflicted on the opposing robot.

  • Control: The ability of the driver to push opposing robots, avoiding the arena hazards and if they're attacking how they're meant to.

  • Style: The extent to which the robot demonstrate its abilities such as self-righting, escaping kill-shots, building engagement, smart manoeuvres.

Sounds Interesting?

Go through the below slides and understand the expectations

What Should you do next...

You need a Action Plan

Motivation and photo reference from BattleBots

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