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Application Instructions

We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in competing in Bot Games. Please carefully review the following instructions before applying.

Bot builders interested in participating in BOT GAMES should aim to submit their applications by March 31st, 2023 (official deadline to be determined).

Please only create new applications for new robot designs. If you are reapplying with a new robot design after having already submitted an application, please email us ( about it and we will contact you to understand the changes required.

Please note that we are asking applicants to design a robot rather than build one. Building a robot can be dangerous, time-consuming, and expensive, so you should only begin building if you have been notified by the BOT GAMES TEAM that your design submission has been accepted and you have completed all necessary entry procedures.

If you choose to begin building before receiving approval, you do so at your own risk. Also, to better understand the types of robots we are looking for and how to compete in BOT WARS, please refer to the provided presentation.

Please read ALL instructions and application questions carefully, fill out the entry application in its entirety, submit your application and blow us away with your robot.

Good luck!

Instructions Summary

Each Team can submit only one robot design. A Team must have at least 2 people. No person can be a member of more than one Team.

If you want to compete in a BattleBots Tournament, your first have to:

  • Study our Rules to understand what you are allowed to build.

  • Design your combat robot down to the last detail.

  • Fill out this application completely.

  • Make detailed drawings of your design.

  • Blow us away with a photo realistic image of bot design

  • Make a brief video of your Team.

  • Submit this form, drawings and video to BOT GAMES


Not more than 36 Inches and not less than 12 Inches in Height

Not more than 30 Inches and not less than 10 Inches in Width


A must read for participation

Entry Team

To enter a robot in the competition, a team of at least two people is required and the maximum can go upto six members, with a designated Primary Applicant who will serve as the main representative for the team.

The Primary Applicant must be at least 18 years old and will be responsible for signing a legal agreement acknowledging their understanding of BOT GAMES rules and agreeing to abide by them on behalf of the team. In case of breach of agreement or intentional harm to other contestants/bot/events, Bot Games team has the right to take legal discourse to penalise the team.

It is not allowed for any individual to be a member of more than one team. Each team is allowed to enter only one robot in the competition.

The Application Steps

If you want to compete in BOT WARS, you must to do the following:

1. Learn What You Can Build

Study through the Bot Wars Tab and the presentation. Please be aware that these documents may be modified at any moment, so it is recommended to frequently check the BOT GAMES website.

2. Get a Design of your Robot done

We are seeking well-planned robots, and completing the Robot Technical Description in this document necessitates careful consideration and investigation of all aspects and components of your planned robot.

3. Complete the registration Form and Know Your Team (KYT) Form 

In order for your registration to be accepted, you must complete the entire Application Form accurately. Incomplete forms will not be considered.


We require thorough information about your team and robot, including detailed plans and drawings. Any falsified or deceptive information in your application may result in disqualification and prohibition from participating in future Bot Games events.

4. Make a short 5-minute Video

To participate, you must produce a video that highlights your team's identity, explains why your robot is superior to others, demonstrates how it will endure multiple matches, showcases its uniqueness, explains your reason for entering, and showcases the facilities you have for building the robot.

Additionally, include any other pertinent details about your team that you believe would be noteworthy.

5. Submit Your registration via email (you will be contacted by our team)

Send the completed Application Form and design drawings to the BOT GAMES TEAM. The information provided will be kept confidential. However, select parts of your team video (without disclosing much about your bot) may be utilised for promotional purposes. Post the event all the videos are considered property of Bot Game.  

We recommend submitting your application well in advance of the deadline to avoid potential delays.

6. Design Acceptance Process

Once your robot design is approved for the BOT BATTLE, you will receive further requests for information to confirm your eligibility for the tournament. Approval of your robot design does not guarantee an invitation to participate in the BOT BATTLE. Additional steps, such as a basic background check, agreement with BOT GAMES on competition rules, and regular updates on robot construction and testing, are required at a minimum.

The BOT GAMES TEAM reserves the right to reject any application for any reason, without providing an explanation.

7. Drawings: Two Drawing Types are expected

You must submit two types of robot drawings with this application:

exterior design and

construction details.

Exterior Design:

While appearance is important, an appealing exterior design alone is insufficient without complete information on the robot's construction and operation. The drawings can be in various formats such as pdf, jpg, ppt, or png.

External design drawings should include 3-view and perspective renderings of the robot's exterior. The aim is to showcase interesting and innovative designs with personality that reflect the unique character or brand of your team.

If your robot has a menacing or cute appearance, the external design should embody that. Colour drawings are preferred, but monochrome renderings are acceptable. Additionally, a brief animation or sequence-drawing demonstrating the motion of your weapon system is recommended but not required.

Construction Details:

Your robot's construction drawings should contain sufficient information to explain all aspects of the design configuration, including the placement and operation of all components. While the drawings don't have to be any particular scale, all parts in each drawing should be shown at the same scale (excluding breakouts and cross-sections) and use a scale that shows the smallest parts' details (generally excluding fasteners).


The drawings must show the following at a minimum:

  • Exterior 3-view of the top, bottom, and sides of the robot, including all construction materials

  • Placement of all components inside the robot, with an additional view to show any hidden components

  • Location and access details (covers, etc.) for the Master Switches

  • Details of the weapon and its operation, including details for each if there are multiple weapons

  • An electrical schematic depicting all batteries, Master Switches, motors, solenoids, relays, etc., and the wiring connecting them (a schematic is not needed for the RC receiver internals)

  • A complete connectivity schematic with labels and ratings for all components, including any pneumatics, hydraulic, or flame systems

Failure to provide any of these relevant construction details could result in the automatic rejection of your application.

8. The Video

You must create a video showcasing your team, demonstrating that you not only have the ability to create an impressive robot, but also have an exceptional team. It's an opportunity to have fun and show us your team's personality.


The maximum length of the video is 5 minutes. If you're accepted for further consideration, you'll likely have time to tell more of your story.


The higher the quality the better, but using a smartphone camera in Landscape mode is acceptable.

What Should Be On The Video?

In order to get to know your team and your robot better, we require a video from you, hence you have the freedom to create a video that represents your team and your robot in a way that is as complex or simple as you wish. Here are some suggested talking points:

  • How will your robot be competitive and exciting to watch? Provide a detailed description of your robot's design and how it will survive match after match. Also, explain your fighting strategy.

  • What will your robot look like? We're looking for robots that have character and are brandable. Show us that you're designing an awesome-looking bot!

  • What makes your robot unique? Let us know if your bot is using any new types of mobility, unique weapons, or new attack and defensive strategies. Is there an AI and learning integration or its remote work?

  • What motivates your team's design philosophy? Are you aiming to build a violent weapon or a spectacular work of art? Is your focus on winning or putting on a great show? Do you value elegant simplicity or mad-scientist complexity?

  • What's your workshop like? Give us a sense of where you work and how you do it. Also, let us know about the amount of time you dedicate to robot design and building.

  • What about your team? Each member plays a unique role, so introduce them and talk about their special abilities. Do you have a designated driver, electronics expert, automotive genius, fight strategist, etc.,?

  • What else do you and your team members do for fun? Share your hobbies and interests.


Above all, have fun with the video and show off your creativity, sense of humor, and authenticity. Feel free to add any other creative touches that will help us get to know your team better.

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